Photo of Potli's hemp infused raw honey jar, a 6 oz jar with a gold metal cap.
Potli's hemp infused olive oil, which comes in a 250ml metal tin
The back of a Potli hemp infused olive oil tin, which reads "Eat well, feel well" and features tasting notes that read buttery, floral, and green.
Potli's hemp infused olive oil nutrition facts. Harvested in November. 120 calories per 1 tablespoon serving, with approximately 17 servings per tin. Please consume within 3 months after opening and store at room temperature. Proudly harvested in California
The Maker Bundle: Honey + Olive

The Maker Bundle: Honey + Olive

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Potli promotes healthy living by making us more intentional about how we select our most common, everyday kitchen ingredients and speaking to the ‘maker’ in all of us. 

Inspired by you, Potli Honey and Potli Olive are our best selling products and are the foundation to kitchen staples for everyday use.

All ingredient are sourced and bottled in Northern California.

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Photo courtesy of our friends at Covet and Lou