Cosmopolitan Magazine: I Tried Microdosing For A Week

“With licensed and fully legal dispensaries like LACPG, you have weed you can trust that looks like it was curated for the latest Kinfolk spread. Items ranging from infused honey to gel capsules and Goop-esque protein balls, I was on my way to a highly refined #weedweek. Getting home early, I decided to pop a 5 mg Kiva chocolate and do some yoga before attempting my first cooking excursion. Ravenous post-yoga, I made myself a grilled cheese with Potli Honey. Each tablespoon is 10 mg, so I decided to dose out 5 mg. Weed honey and cheese, as expected, is delicious. So delicious I made myself a second sandwich with another serving of honey.”

SF Eater: AM Intel

“Steap Tea is in the 4/20 game. What happens when you take cheese tea and add CBD honey? You get the “Green Queen,” Steap Tea’s foray into the world of hemp-derived CBD. It includes premium matcha, mint, and lemon, with 10 mg hemp CBD-infused honey from Potli and a whipped mascarpone top. Drinkers can add a “wellness shot” of 10 mg of the super chill honey to any drink for $3.”

Pop Sugar: Gourmet CBD Products

“Potli's 'Coming Down' CBD Premium Infused Honey is not only delicious, but it's made from raw, USDA organic, Grade A wildflower honey. This nonpsychoactive gourmet item is handcrafted in Northern California and carefully infused with cannabidiol that is extracted using clean, solventless Co2 to ensure purity. With bright citrus and orange blossom notes, Potliwill help you de-stress and relax after a long day. Try adding this honey to a bowl of fresh fruit, putting it on top of a yogurt parfait, or drizzling on your favorite soft cheeses.”

Pop Sugar: CBD Honey Is Here To Improve Your Health

“Potli's Honey is one of the best products out there. Each delicious tablespoon of its raw wildflower honey is balanced with nonpsychoactive hemp bottled at its hives in Hayward, CA. Founders Felicity Chen and Christine Yi have worked hard to perfect their CBD extraction process, teaming up with a group of local partners who only produce small batches. The hemp is CO2 extracted to ensure the highest purity grade that blends perfectly with its premium honey. Recently launching its new hemp-derived honey, Potli Hemp can be preordered online by contacting the company here. One tablespoon of Potli Hemp equals 10 milligrams of CBD.”

My Milligram: The Best Cannabis Products To Try On Mom

“Potli'sInfused Honey is a beaut (beginner moms would love the Coming Down/CBD, and a small teaspoon of the Going Up/THC would offer a microdose of 3mg THC if Mom is exploring THC a little).”

Mother Indica: How To Talk To Mom About Cannabis

“So, I recommended she tries Potli's CBD honey, and of course, she absolutely loves it! As a raw, organic, and local honey enhanced with non-psychoactive CBD, it's an incredibly easy and natural way for her to get started. It's important you navigate product options with your mama, especially if you know she will be better off with a little pot in her life.”

Mother Jones: Don’t Call It Pot- My Dinner With SF’s Cannabis Gourmets

“Then it’s time for dessert: baklava with infused honey made by Potli, the project of Felicity Chen. Chen’s mother is an asthma patient, and the mother and daughter had a ritual of drinking tea together on the weekends. Chen wanted her mother to sample CBD, a common active ingredient in cannabis known for its soothing effects. “But she was never going to smoke weed with me,” Chen says, laughing. “I’m a second generation Chinese-American—weed is like heroine for the Chinese!” Her mom agreed to try it in honey form, and now she uses it as a sleep aide, Chen says.”