Immunity Bundle

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Feeling stressed out and a bit overwhelmed? When a to-do list just doesn't cut it, our Potli Immunity Bundle is here to help you find balance, even in the most hectic of times. 

Why we love the duo:

  • Boosting your gut health and promoting healthy gut bacteria
  • Bulletproofing your immune system to prevent cough and colds
  • Increasing metabolism with ACV to help with weight management
  • Soothing anxiety and reducing calm with Feel Good Honey 

Potli Awaken ACV and Feel Good Honey are here to save the day with its antibacterial and antifungal properties. 

Feel Good Honey 
  • 120mg hemp derived CBD (6oz jar)
  • 10mg CBD per 0.2 oz (1 tsp) serving
  • Each jar contains 12 servings 
Awaken ACV 
  • 135 mg hemp derived CBD per bottle (9.0 fl oz)
  • 7.5 mg per 0.5 oz (1 tbsp) serving 
  • 18 servings per container

Awaken with ACV

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