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We make it easy to enjoy CBD ♡

Get creative and try with tea, salads, cocktails, and more
Feel Great, Naturally

Whether it's sipping on tea, mixing into your salads or enchancing your cocktails, it's easy with Potli.

3rd Party Testing

All Potli products are testing for potency and purity by our partners. We take pride in transparency.

Local, Small Batch

Grown in our backyard! Hand harvested and crafted to perfection with every batch.

Benefits of CBD

✧ Anti-inflammatory
✧ Energize your day
✧ Help Regulate sleep

Supporting local farmers and makers in California.

Felicity & Christine
About the Founders

Founded by two Asian American real-life best friends, Potli draws on its founders' roots in both holistic and eastern medicine and California upbringing to create delicious and intentional staples.

We source all our ingredients from the highest quality, artisan-owned Northern California farms to create ingredients that bring out the maker in all of us.